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85 thoughts on “Costumer Review”

  1. I had an excellent experience with this Website customer service. I had a question about my order and they were quick to respond and very helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase.

    1. Hi, my name is AmitBh04 I have used his subscription service for Netflix and i thought it would be fraud or something it was ligit and now it gained my trust so I would recommend to all of you if you have trust issue you can blindly purchase his subscription service without any stress or tention.

      1. Such a nice experience and first a fall this is not a fake comment I recently bought my Netflix subscription from this website and this is a hassle free service immediate response on support and compare to others this is so cheap

    2. Hello everyone.
      He is genuine and trusted seller for premium accounts.
      I bought a Netflix account through him and I didn’t faced any issue with my account till now.
      So guys,go grab your accounts now at so cheap rates!!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

  2. It’s been 3 months since I subscribed to Netflix premium and I am more than happy with my decision. The unlimited access to top-rated shows and movies is worth every penny. The app is user-friendly and the streaming quality is great. I have no complaints!
    If I any complaint it’s solved very short time.
    So don’t worrry it’s cool way to buy Netflix Cheap price

    Thanks Sir 😌 it’s trusted πŸ‘

  3. I bought premium netflix and prime account, and its working good, u guys also go for it, this guy is trusted.

    1. Even the ott platforms themselves are genuine as Aioofy. From my experience I never faced any issues regarding subscription.

  4. Thirupathi Goud

    I’m using my Netflix 4K premium since 6-8 months … one of the best seller in the market highly recommended

    Same with Amazon prime and YouTube premium

    Early response for the orphan accounts aswell guaranteed response from him regarding recovering the lost account or he will replace new account within a day

    Thank you so much

  5. Hi,
    I have been enjoying the Netflix subscription services for the past few months. It has been going great and I adder grammarly premium services as well.

    I highly recommend everyone to go for this amazing seller and whenever there’s any issue, they resolve it on no time.

    Keep up the great work dude!
    Thanks a lot!

  6. I am purchasing different types account from Aioofy and their services are amazing and great. you can definitely trust on them and buy you premium account for less..
    i almost being purchasing since 1.5 year and i never get any issue regards the reply and supply of account from them…

    thank you

  7. He is very trust worthy and best guy for Netflix and prime video I would say that everyone should use him for Netflix and prime video prices are cheap but the stuff he gives is absolutely amazing and worth the money!

  8. Trusty.. i have been his customer for long time each and everytime he gives an promt response and delivers the product on tat.

  9. I am also using his services from so long, never disappointed. Usually get response and replies and new account incase got wrong with in 30minutes. So i am happy and recommending him to all.

  10. I have renewed my connection 20.04.2023 but from the morning of 21.04.2023, my netflix is not working. Last month, it was working well but this time after renewal password is changed and I am continuously trying to contact Aioofy but there is no response. I msged on whatsapp, telegram and on personal message also but there is no response. I don’t know whether there is alternative way or not to contact them? Please do the needful.

  11. Best service offered everytime, Satisfied customer and using services from long time.

    Everytime guaranteed service , Faithful person and quick reply on every chats over whatsapp.

    Overall very genuine and to save your hardens earned money you can contact him directly

  12. Big fan sir πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’
    Maja aagaya aapki service se 😁😁😁πŸ”₯
    You are king πŸ‘‘

  13. Yoginder Negi

    I am using Netflix services from this site since last one year. Really fantastic experience without any issue. Issue if any resolved with in no time.

  14. I have used their services for the first time, no hassles, very quick service, and quick support for troubleshooting! Very happy to avail the service.

  15. I just love the customer experience, they always respond to my request and replace the account as well when you face any issue.

    1. recently purchased a Netflix account from the seller for only 70 rupees per month and I must say, it has been an excellent deal! With a multitude of movies, series, and documentaries available, my entertainment options have increased significantly.

      Firstly, the account worked seamlessly right from the beginning. The login details provided by the seller were accurate and allowed me to access all the features and content on Netflix. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of streaming, offering uninterrupted sessions of my favorite shows and movies.

      The seller’s account provided me with the same benefits as a regular Netflix subscription. I was able to create multiple profiles, allowing personalized recommendations and tailored content for every member of my household. This feature is absolutely fantastic!

      The wide variety of content available on Netflix is truly commendable. From binge-worthy series to critically acclaimed movies, there is something for everyone’s tastes. I was thrilled to explore the vast library and discover new shows and films that I hadn’t seen before. The account also includes access to Netflix originals, which are known for their exceptional quality and gripping storylines.

      Furthermore, I appreciate the seller’s professionalism and responsiveness. They promptly answered all my queries and provided assistance whenever needed. This level of

  16. 100% genuine
    Very professional
    I love the customer service, my every query has been answered immediately.
    100 % TRUSTED

  17. It is an amazing platform to buy a ott subscription at low cost i really like their services and whatever queries we have they rectify and solve that immediately

  18. It is an amazing platform to buy a ott subscription at low cost i really like their services and whatever queries we have they rectify and solve that immediately

  19. Today I will purchase 1 month pack after payment they send you a login details in few minutes . I will recommended to everyone to use at cheep price without spend too Munch thank you

  20. Great experience and good service.. Thank you aioofy.
    I recommend this service for everyone .. It’s 100% trusted

  21. Thank you Aioofy for the Netflix 1Month subscription it’s working properly Thankyou very much 🫢🏻


    My feelings so good for the take it the plan thanks: Evaluate the variety and quality of content available on the platform. Are there a wide range of prime, hotstar, Netflix, and original content to choose from?

  23. Amarendra Singh

    Hi there guys,

    I’ve been having their awesome service since many months now and they are highly recommended. No other platform will provide this functionality as in ever. Thanks a lot guys and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  24. Hi
    i have facing some issue but they have resolve it perfectly.
    thanks, guys, for your help and support.

  25. First thought I am getting scam… But no, he was a bit late but he won my trust. He did what he said the services.. this is a trusted website. Believe me. Thanks to this site which is giving extraordinary joy in a small amount. Thanks you very much πŸ‘πŸ˜Š I am happy

  26. Super amazing service with timely delivery and very nice customer support also. You can buy anything without worry. Replacement are super easy and super quick.

  27. One of the best and πŸ’―% trustworthy seller . You won’t regret after buying this . On time deal and services . With affordable rates

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