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Why should I buy youtube premium it’s cost and benefits At Only 79Rs

youtube premium cheap price

In this post we will know why YouTube Premium Membership should be taken, all the benefits of YouTube Premium and its price, we will also see the Cheap Price of YouTube Premium this post and also know how to buy it at the Cheap Price.

Why should I buy a Youtube Premium?

Today we’re gonna take a look at the pros and cons of YouTube premium. Is it worth plunking down your hard-earned money and getting that subscription or should you stick with some free youtube first let’s?

Talk about how much YouTube premium cost. it’s 12 bucks a month. well, technically 1199 but who’s counting it’s a little bit more if you actually sign up on your iPhone or iPad because you have to Apple charges a percentage, and then YouTube is like well we’re not going to eat that so you have to pay a little more because you have to pay The percentage that Apple take so let’s talk about what you get when you sign up for YouTube premium first and foremost you get no ads on videos which is pretty cool you can still support the creators on YouTube but you don’t have to sit. 

Through boring ads obviously, you can block ads if you want but if you use YouTube’s premium and you don’t watch the ads for that few bucks a month you can actually help support the people who make the content you’re watching on YouTube is always nice because, without money, they’re probably not going to make the videos you love anymore. 

Another benefit of YouTube Premium is that you get access to all the YouTube originals and YouTube has actually built up a pretty solid slate of original shows that are worth watching some of them, not all of them but some of them are pretty good so here’s just a few.

YouTube originals are more than worth checking out. you got Wayne impulse best-shot origin weird City and even Cobra Kai which is my personal favorite of all the YouTube originals I’ve watched that show I’ve actually gone through it twice it’s I liked it that much but maybe I’m just a big karate kid mark from back in the day I don’t know but either way, Cobra Kai is

Really cool I mean the list goes on and on there’s a ton of originals to watch and then the other big benefit you get is that you get access to YouTube music which is basically like Spotify for YouTube, so you can kind of condense down your monthly subscriptions and have your video and your music serviced all in one for that 12 bucks a month which

Is pretty cool you don’t to spend $10 on Spotify and $12 on YouTube premium The only thing is you lose out on all the social aspects of Spotify if all your friends use it and that’s your go-to music player, you lose out on that by switching youtube but you save money so again pros and cons it’s all about 

Weighing what out for you the last couple benefits really work out well for mobile users you have the ability to download videos and take them on the go so if you have a The situation, where you’re gonna, be watching\ a lot of videos and you don’t have access to data or you don’t want to use all your cellular data you could download the videos take them with you lots of month ago and the other thing that’s nice which 

I actually use this one all the time is that you can watch stuff in the background so you can have a video playing and then close the apps go about your business and have it still playing in the background I use this because I watch shows like a critical role which is like a four-hour-long dungeon dragon session and a lot of the time it’s just them sitting there talking I don’t need to see that so put it in the background let it play I keep listening to what’s happening and I play hearthstone or something else on my phone so it’s a nice feature to have

It’s not like a deal breaker or it’s not gonna change your life or anything but if you watch really long videos that are not like action intensive it is a cool feature to have so really it all comes down to your preferences how

Much does what I just spelled out for you how much does that interest you is that something that you consider worth 12 bucks a month personally I think it is worth 12 bucks a month I really like the YouTube originals and as I mentioned I watch shows like the critical role they’re like 4 hours long and YouTube injects a 

A lot of ads into those and it makes watching I’m very intrusive so that’s very nice and again I mentioned the background play is very cool personally don’t use YouTube music I still pay for a Spotify subscription again that’s gonna come down to your preference I like being able to quickly share music with my friends and we all use Spotify so so modifies kind of got a hold on me on that one and I can’t get rid of it but if getting rid of ads and the originals are not something that interests you the other features may not be enough to sway you but they offer a

Free trial so you can jump in give it a shot see if you actually make use of the features and if you do sign up its 12 bucks a month it’s not a bad deal and once again this is Dave LeClair with making yourself calm thank you very much for watching this video on YouTub premium let us know down in the comments there if you’re gonna sign up for youtube premium or if you’re gonna stick with the watching ads and not watching

stuff in the background and we will see good stuff have a good one you

Youtube Premium Account All Benefits

YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free, offline, and in the background


Enjoy watching YouTube uninterrupted by ads whenever you sign in – on your mobile device, desktop, or enabled TV.

Download And Go

Now, choose from more of your favorite videos to download and watch offline.

Background Play

With YouTube Premium, your video plays uninterrupted in the background, even when you open another app.

YouTube Music Premium

Easily explore the world of music ad-free, offline, and with the screen locked. Available on mobile and desktop.

all Youtube premium Benefits Info. refrense

Youtube Premium Cost /Price

Its price is very low, you can buy this way easily.

Prepaid and subscription plans are available. Prices start at ₹129.00/month. Free trials are available with subscription plans only. 3 Months Plan Also Available Cheak It

Youtube Premium Cheap Price

Prepaid and subscription plans are available. Prices start at ₹89.00/month Buy Now

How To Get Cheap Price Youtube Premium

Low price Youtube premium in India is Allways Available

Friends, I Will Now Tell You How To Buy Subscriptions.

You, Will, Get The Account In Just 5 Minutes After Payment.

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