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Best Netflix movies to watch English & dubbed | Top 20 Movies On Netflix don’t miss


Best Netflix movies to watch Don’t Miss

Best Movies On Netflix

Today I want to tell you about 20 of the absolute best movies on Netflix that you have probably missed so this is a list of 20 movies currently available on Netflix from a wide range of genres but they’re all lesser-known movies with 20 on this list it’s almost guaranteed that there’s going to be a decent handful that you have not seen that are well worth watching so let’s go ahead and start all the way back at number 20 with one of the hardest ones to watch on this list

Rogue city

It’s a French crime movie featuring some really corrupt cops called rogue city now this is actually a Netflix original and while there is a subtitled version there’s a dubbed version that is not very bad I’ve said multiple times on the Website recently released Netflix originals feature some of the best dubbing I’ve ever heard this movie is going to appeal to fans of movies like heat and while I feel like it’s not tied up as well and is not nearly as good of a movie it’s got a lot of similar vibes except this one goes really dark I mean it gets really really grim

at times because you’re dealing with corrupt cops who are rubbing elbows with some horrifically nasty people in this movie

so it is heavy and it is dark more so than this genre tends to be and it is a dark genre, to begin with so this is not for someone with a weak stomach but if the way I’m describing it has interested you do not let the foreign language thing put you off of this one

it’s a real good gritty cop movie but because it is so intense and I’m telling you it is grim it’s not for everybody now for one that’s a little more accessible 

my next pick is a sci-fi movie and it’s one of the better hidden gem


Sci-fi movies currently on Netflix it’s got kind of a black mirror quality and it stars peter Dinklage and a really fantastic role for him because his character does not hinge on his size

Peter Dinklage is a really well respected beloved actor from the game of thrones and a handful of other things but it’s cool to see him in an otherwise pretty ordinary role and it’s a movie that takes place in the near future where there is some technology that allows you to revisit memories and they make very good use of it so this has got a little bit of a mystery element wrapped up in it and it’s not overly sci-fi or cyberpunk it’s pretty subtle but the technology is still a really great mechanism to sort of exploring the mystery that this movie conceals and ultimately that’s what it

is it’s just a good solid mystery movie that you have probably missed

Bullet Head

Now even though my next pick is one of the smaller scale stories on this list it’s got one of the

Biggest casts with heavy hitters like john malkovich adrian brody and antonio banderas in bullet head

Now I said smaller scale because this is a movie about a group of guys who just completed a heist as the movie begins they meet in a warehouse and there is a large dog and I mean large vicious dog chasing them down

all over this warehouse now again very very simple concept but it’s got some great sequences in it it’s very tense at times even though there are some big names in it Adrian Brodie does most of the heavy lifting meaning he’s just on camera more than anybody else and this is just a surprise of a movie like obviously all those guys do great performances

that kind of goes without saying but when you boil it down and you’re just looking at these guys running from a dog in a warehouse it manages to work and keep you  entertained and engaged

throughout imagine if the guys from reservoir dogs got to their meeting place and there was just a giant dog in there that was ready to eat them alive

that is essentially what you got with a bullet head not quite as quippy with dialogue but still a really interesting watch.

The history of future folk

We’ve got a really sweet comedy about a famous and real new york city bar band and they’re from outer space and it’s called the history of future folk so apparently this is a real band that’s popular in small bars around new york city and they made a small low-budget movie

about the origins of the band and sort of this sci-fi nature of them and it’s surprisingly good meaning it looks as if they film this for almost no money a lot of the scenes are not lit very well some of them don’t even appear to be lit at all they’re more known for being band members meaning they don’t really have any acting experience but there’s a nice spirit and heart to

this movie that is a lot of fun to watch if you were a fan of flight of the concords or anything like that this is probably gonna be a good movie for you but you do have to have in mind that this was done for very very little money and it’s just sort of a fun

little passion project type thing go into it with those expectations and this is a surprisingly fun movie

that’s clean the family can watch it because so many movies done that way end up not working out and not really having any entertainment value

when you find a gym like this one it’s just such a nice surprise 

so i hope some of you end up enjoying


this one now even though it’s only a few years old now braven feels a lot more like classic 90s action because it’s got a lot in common with movies like cliffhanger now this stars Jason Momoa who is at the time of this came out just one of the biggest fastest rising stars in Hollywood so he has basically outgrown this movie since

it came out but it’s still a great watch if you’re a fan of his and you haven’t seen this it’s a must-watch if you’re a fan of movies like a cliffhanger and you don’t even care about Jason Momoa

I think you’ll still enjoy this now I can’t compare it to a cliffhanger too much because again this was done on a much lower budget but a much bigger budget than a lot of the ones I’ve talked about so far so this is where you’re getting into decent action

people falling off cliffs things like that it’s fairly familiar but it’s still solid stuff with some solid performances a decent bad guy one of the best ways to set expectations for this movie is just  its placement here on the list 

I think it fits squarely here at number 15 because it is more polished than some of the other ones and it’s not as wild and crazy and as inventive as some of the ones in the top 10 on this list 

Berlin syndrome

now one of the more chilling movies on this list features a tourist trapped in a small apartment in the berlin syndrome

so in this movie you’ve got a similar setup to a movie like taken where a tourist is kidnapped by somebody except instead of being sort of sold into sex trafficking this guy has bulletproof glass in his windows 

a big ass lock on the door and this woman thinks she’s sort of falling into this romantic courtship with this guy and quickly learns she cannot get out of this apartment it’s really terrifying and there’s multiple sequences where she’s trying to get out and other times where she’s maybe sort of accepting her fate

this one has a lot in common with movies like misery well I think misery is just like the script for that it’s just a masterpiece and this one is not

it still has got some great sequences that do work because when you do watch something like this you’re gonna naturally be wondering why doesn’t she do this why doesn’t she do that this movie manages to make all of that stuff work in a pretty seamless way but there’s also not much levity to this one it is one of the more chilling darker ones on this list 

Sex Drive

sex comedies are a dime a dozen but every now and then one rises to the top and sex drive is that type of movie mainly because it prioritizes silliness over any sort of coming-of-age message that you’ve seen

dozens of times before the basic plot for this is a guy steals his brother’s car and they go on a road trip in order for him to try to get laid that’s essentially the substance of

this movie you get your coming of age stuff mixed in however

all throughout the way there’s just absolute silliness

while i’m not gonna put this on the same pedestal as something like super bad

sex drive goes for sort of easier jokes just dick and fart jokes all day not that super bad didn’t have those but super bad’s got some subtlety sex drive is just silly stupid jokes and they’re funny if you find sex jokes in general being pretty funny then this is just a funny watch even though there’s not much more substance to it other than just a decent little dick or fart joke every couple of minutes

Below Zero

now one of the more surprising Netflix originals to be released recently that was released seemingly without any sort of notice

features a prison transport truck attacked during a blizzard in below zero now this one is Spanish language but again it’s dubbed with pretty good dubbing or subtitles depending on how you prefer to watch your foreign language flicks

this one though is got a simple setup in fact it reminds me a lot of movies like an assault on precinct 13 and I gotta say even though I’m a big john carpenter fan and I also think the remake of Assault on precinct 13 with Ethan hawk and Lawrence Fishburne is pretty decent

I think below zero is even better it’s got something else going on that I’m not going to touch on that is pretty heavy but it manages to justify everything and make it work more than just ah crime and power and all of that I’m gushing about it a little bit for one that’s in my bottom tin but to have watched this with zero expectations

A Monster Calls

I was pleasantly surprised okay now given some warnings as far as some of the movies being dark chilling things like that but my next pick is easily the most upsetting one to watch but it’s also the most stunningly beautiful and sort of emotionally resonant one on this list it’s based on a book by the same name

it’s called a monster calls now what you get with this movie is this beautiful cinematography with this giant monster that looks like groot from guardians of the galaxy voiced by liam neeson that’s what the trailers give you and it’s an imaginary character that 

this boy has created however the real heart and soul of this movie that I do need to point out to you in this review is that his mother is dying from cancer and this monster is sort of how he comes to grips with it because of that it’s extremely heavy but you’ve also got some very good Performances 

felicity jones plays the mother she always does a good job Sigourney weaver actually plays his grandmother she’s fantastic here and something different from what I’m used to seeing her in I already mentioned Liam Neeson and the little boy he’s on-screen in almost every shot he really carries this movie and makes it work but it’s heavy subject matter if you have any close loved ones that have cancer have died from it

this is going to be a hard watch for you but do know this

it’s a very good movie it’s very well done the delivery of the main message in this

movie the main message is not necessarily what you would think it would be but the delivery of it is really impactful and special this is a very good movie but it’s different from what I think a lot of people might expect from the trailers but if it sounds like your kind of thing it is an excellent movie about a boy’s mother dying from cancer. 


now I’ve talked a lot about low budget already on this list and the truth is thousands you may not be aware but thousands of low budget really low budget movies are made every year and a lot of them go unnoticed but the ones that rise above and really stand out do so because they make the absolute most of what they have and deliver something that is not only entertaining but that feels like has a lot more value

then it actually costs to create and my next pick wildling is such a movie now this is a sort of supernatural fairy tale type movie that does have a coming-of-age story at its core but what you’re dealing with is a young girl who has something different about her now that is not particularly special on its face something we’ve seen a lot in fact

it’s very very common especially with sort of young adult supernatural type novels and movies but wildling does something a little bit different than I’m not going to tell you about here in this review it’s a little bit darker it’s got a little bit of a harder edge to it and it doesn’t really go over the top at any point it walks this fine line between being subtle and really sort of going for the jugular and it works 

I was really surprised at some of the visuals and the special effects that come to light in this movie while also some of the subtleties and the performances and everything this is a really good little gem of a supernatural I want to say kind of like a young adult type thing and that’s not to scare you off if you’re a little older but you find that you like things like that even if shows like vampire diaries are guilty pleasures for you there’s going to be a lot to like in this one it’s not really the same type of thing as those but I think fans of things like that and shows like supernatural are gonna dig this I also think fans of sort of indie horror movies while this isn’t quite a horror movie 

I think it’s also going to be well within your wheelhouse. It is a little bit of a sleeper and I’m not trying to hype it up too much. It is in the middle of this list but it did make the top 10.

Calm With Horses

now one of the worst titled movies on this list is also one of the best under the radar cry movies to have come out in 2020

its title is calm with horses it’s based on a book by the same name and in some regions it’s actually I believe called in the shadow of violence which makes a little more sense it’s a little more on the nose though at the same time now

This comes from Ireland this is about a couple of low-level gangsters so they’re part of a crime family and they’re basically the enforcers they go out and collect from people things like that and the main character

are kind of a brute type character and I’ve never really seen this actor before and it’s a type of performance I love because it’s one of my first time seeing him if not my first and he was so convincing in this role as sort of this for lack of a better word he’s stupid

he’s got really no education he doesn’t make good decisions but he’s very conflicted and confused he knows

he’s sort of trapped inside this

this body of this brute character that does not

do what’s best and he can’t seem to get out of this rut and you feel very bad for this guy despite him doing some pretty horrific things

that is a little bit of a magic trick that this movie pulls off and i always

love when a movie does sort of a slight of hand thing that sort of tricks me a little bit

this movie did a great job of that it’s a fantastic lead performance with some really great supporting performances as well but I was a little surprised at the direction that this one went it was not at all where I’m used to seeing movies like this go and I respected it for that as well even if I didn’t love the conclusion

i still really like this movie as a whole 

Redemption A.K.A ‘Hummingbird’

now there are a ton of Jason Statham action movies some are good some are great some are not so good but one that has sort of slid under the radar and that’s surprisingly subtle for one of his movies is called redemption now this does feature multiple scenes of him whooping multiple asses at once but it’s more than that this is a more sort of intense drama about a guy sort of trying to redeem himself if the title didn’t give that away but it’s got some nice cinematography for a movie like this like surprisingly good his character is surprisingly complex and has a richness and a depth to them

that you’re not used to seeing in this type of a movie so it’s a little bit of a hybrid where you’ve got some really heavy drama elements and then you’ve got Jason Statham just whooping four guy’s ass in 30 seconds you know it’s that type of thing

it kind of walks this weird line which is probably why it’s an under the radar movie but if you’ve liked his movies but you find some of the sillier ones to maybe be a little too silly or a little too stale or generic and you want to see something a little bit more from him redemption is a great way to do that.

The Bank Job

now one of the better more commercially successful and just critically successful Jason Statham movies is the bank job in fact

I’m actually wondering how it made it onto a hidden gems list anyway the bank job takes place in the 70s and is based on an actual bank robbery and if I tell you any more about the actual bank robbery

it’ll spoil the movie you can look it up on Wikipedia after you watch the movie that’s how I recommend you watch this one but the thing I love most about this one is that it takes place in the 70s and you’re not dealing with any sort of advanced technology this is an old school heist movie with big fat walkie-talkies vintage cars cool style a great soundtrack and just one hell of a tunnel just good old-fashioned stuff Jason Statham is not whooping a bunch of guys asses in this movie

he’s just sort of playing it straight playing a criminal it works

I’m a big fan of his and I like to see him do different things which are why both of these movies make this list if you’re a fan of his in any kind of way and never saw this one

i recommend watching both possibly as a double feature

Safety Not guaranteed

okay so technically the last sci-fi movie on this list technically even though it’s a bit ambiguous in this movie is also one of the more sweet indie movies on this list it’s called safety not guaranteed and it’s called that because it’s about a guy who takes out an ad in the newspaper looking for someone to travel through time with him and it says safety not guaranteed on the ad it’s a cute little thing in and of itself and the movie itself

is surprisingly cute it’s not a word you hear me use a lot but Aubry plaza plays an investigative journalist who decides to go do kind of a puff piece a little fun story on this weird character played by mark deploys their chemistry I don’t want to say it’s great it’s odd but it’s fun to watch 

it’s quirky and fun and kind of sweet and then you also get jake johnson who’s most famous from his role in the new girl and he’s just as charismatic and funny in this movie as he is on that show so fans of his should dig this as well because he’s not just a supporting character

he’s in it quite a bit for a secondary character so this is just a fun date night movie

if you’re looking for something that’s got a nice sort of mood-boosting quality to it but that’s not overly gushy or sappy or just ugh this is a really fun movie

that is interesting and different and doesn’t have a whole lot of scenes in it that are like things that you’ve seen a dozen times before 

Short Caller

now one of the better prison movies to have been released in years is still gaining an audience years after its release and that is shot caller now this movie features a lot of famous faces but they are famous faces that are a little more famous for being on tv than in movies but this movie has got a fantastic quality to it it’s about a guy

who’s just an ordinary fellow who gets sent to prison and it’s really about how the prison system turns him into an absolute animal in fact the two-hour run time on this one is just packed with the story it’s constantly evolving and changing the secondary characters that he interacts with throughout the entire story because they do change as you go through a time in the story they’re all really rich and well developed like I said a lot of them are more famous for tv acting but they’re all savages at it they’re all really great at what they do this is one of those movies that I don’t want to say it’s done on a really low budget because it’s not nearly as low a budget as some of the ones I talked about early on but this is not a big-budget Hollywood production but you can tell everyone involved from the people behind the camera to the writers to the actors everybody really brought their a game because this is a really well-polished movie

its message is clear and precise in the way that it’s delivered and it does not forget to be entertaining this is not some dry prison movie

 if you’ve liked prison movies in the past I’m telling you at a once released within the last 10 years this is easily one of the best

Into The Wild

now Emile Hirsch is one of my favorite actors he’s always a joy to watch on screen because he’s always doing something different but quite possibly his greatest performance of all time

is in a smaller movie directed by Sean Penn called into the wild now this is also based on a book that’s our true account of a guy who decided to go live off the grid so there’s quite a lot going on in this one again people sort of shift in and out of his life over the course of the story Vince Vaughn plays a character who has a short-lived but pretty impactful moment on this guy’s life as well as some other famous actors you’re going to recognize along the way but again this is a true story of a guy who really did live this life and he kept sort of pushing the boundaries further and further

where he sort of starts off he’s just sort of hiking being one with nature hopping on trains doing different odd jobs he continues to push himself further and further out into the wilderness and tries to sort of living a solitary life out in the wild again true story actual events expertly delivered by sean Penn he’s fantastic behind the camera in this movie and then email Hirsch again just he’s one of my favorites and this is him at his best.

The Gift

now this should come as no surprise to long-time viewers but my top three on this list all have a dark edge to them but possibly the darkest one on this list is actually written and directed by actor Joel Edgerton

who also stars in it along with jason bateman in one of his darkest projects prior to ozark

this movie is called the gift and it has major major Alfred Hitchcock vibes if you’re a fan of Hitchcock movies if you like thrillers done in that manner where they’re really thought-provoking the gift is an absolute gem if you find movies like that to be a little bit too slow because there’s not enough happening and not enough action

this one is that but it’s so clever and it’s and its pacing that i do think it’s going to appeal to a pretty broad audience but keep in mind this one takes its time but once it gets where it’s going bam he hits you in the head with it i mean this one does have sort of a brutal brutal reveal in it at some point in the movie

it’s not like spoiling some major twist but it is twisted it’s dark much more so than you would anticipate from the onset of the story with all that in mind if this one’s for you definitely make it one of the first ones you watch off of this list

The Guest

now the less you know about my number two pick the better but I’ll do my best to sort of explain it and then I’ve got to retire it for a while but it’s one of my absolute favorite hidden gems to recommend on Netflix it’s called the guest now this stars dan stevens as a guy who goes to visit a family of a fellow fallen soldier after he returns from Iraq and it’s seemingly on the up and up at first but you will start to detect pretty early on that something isn’t quite right he’s not quite

telling the full story making Monroe also has fantastic performance in this one she is most famous for it follows but she is great here it’s maybe my second favorite movie

I’ve seen her in and I’m a big fan of her but it’s by far my favorite thing I’ve ever seen dan stevens do and I’m a big fan of his this movie has a really slick soundtrack to it

it’s got a really cool vibe it’s got kind of a Halloween type thing going on as you get later in the movie because it is during Halloween and they do go to a haunted house but I’m not gonna really classify this as a horror movie it’s not quite an action movie

it’s got this funky genre-bending thing going on with this mystery element that is just super cool you do have to be patient with this one but luckily dan stevens performance is interesting enough to keep the ball moving before they really punch in the face with this movie but it ultimately will this is a top tier Darren van damme pick

if you’ve ever liked my recommendations don’t skip this one it’s an absolute gem 

Blue Ruin

now the guest is one of my favorite movies to recommend but my number one pick on this list might be my favorite hidden gem movie to recommend on the Website ever in fact if i were to make movies

i would make movies like blue ruin now this is from the same director as green room and hold the dark i think it is his best movie by far i like those other two movies in fact i like green room quite a lot and while green room does have a lot more action in it than blue ruin i find the subtlety of blue ruin to be so fantastic

this is another one that was done on a fairly low budget but you cannot tell the cinematography is fantastic the performances are great the tension is incredible considering there’s not

that much happening on the screen if you love movies like Fargo or even darker stuff like some of the other ones that Jeremy sulliner has done like green room blue ruin is an absolute must watch it is my type of movie i hope it is yours too but let me know which movies on this list you’re most looking forward to watching in the comments below

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